Updated selections for Matching Mail Setting

Thank you for visiting Arrows International Realty’s website. We are pleased to announce that we have added the following selections to the Matching Mail Setting: Renovated, Floor Heater, Parking, and Private Yard. With this addition, you can now receive regular weekly information about renovated used House, properties with a yard, etc. Please use this link to set it up. Thank you for your continued support. https://realestate-kyoto.com/?page_id=588


Jyuyojiko Setsumeisho for a Single Detached House (Continued)

Jyuyojiko Setsumeisho for a Single Detached House: the Outline of Restrictions under the City Planning Law, Building Standards Law, and Other Laws and Regulations https://www.arrowsrealty.com/column/jyuyojiko-setumeisho-continued


Jyuyojiko Setsumeisho Sample

Jyuyojiko Setsumeisho Sample for a Single Detached House https://www.arrowsrealty.com/column/jyuyojiko-setsumeisho-sample


”Juyo Jiko Setsumeisho”(Important Points Explanation)

”Juyo Jiko Setsumeisho” (Important Points Explanation) What is “Juyo Jiko Setsumeisho” (Important Points Explanation)? It is a  real-estate-contract discloser statement that contains important clauses and essential factors regarding the property, the conditions of the transactions, and the rights of a buyer or a renter. The contents of the statement is to be explained in person upon conclusion of the contract. The purpose of “Juyo Jiko Setsumeisho” is to protect the rights of a buyer or a renter and to prevent future disputes and/or trouble.


Single-Row, Three-Room Kyo-Machiya

What Is a Single-Row, Three-Room Kyo-Machiya House? https://www.arrowsrealty.com/column/single-row-three-room-kyo-machiya