• Price49.0M JPY
  • Type[Sell-house] Renovated Machiya
  • Floorplan2K
Kamigyo-ku, Nakanocho
Building Name
Nakano-cho Renovated Machiya
Kyoto Subway Tozai Line / Nijojyo-mae / 9 min walk

Property Details

Built onUnclear (in or before 1902) New/UsedUsed
Area 77.4m² Measurement method Core to core
Balcony -m² Facing South
Building Floors 2 floors above ground  Unit Floor 1-2
Unit Number -- Total Units 1 unit
Building Structure Wooden Frame
2 BedRoom + Kitchen + Garden
1F: 46.42㎡ 2F: 30.97㎡ (measured)
Parking None Service Type General
Possession/Move-in Negotiable Current Status Vacant
Land Category Residential Zoning Category 1 Low-Rise Exclusive Residential
City Planning Urbanization Area Topography Flat
Land Area 59.65m² Measurement method From Official Record
Private Road Area 4.97m²
Building Coverage Ratio 60% Floor Area Ratio 200%
Land Rights Ownership Approach Situation One Side
Approach Direction 1 North Approach Frontage 1 5.1m
Approach Type 1 Private Road Approach Width 1 1.6m
Neighborhood Nijo Castle / 2 min walk
Facility/Condition Renovated, Gas Stove, Double Burner, Reheating, Independent Vanity, Private Bathroom, Shower, Private Toilet, Separated Bath-Toilet, Washing Toilet Seat, Air Conditioner, In-room Washer Space, Bicycle Storage, Private Yard,
Property Number 402181203000
AIR Property Own Condition On Sale
Remarks *on non-rebuilding land
*Renovated in 2018

* If there is a difference between information of this website and and the current status, the current status will have a priority.
  • 会員物件GuestHouse Used Renovated Kyo-Machiya House for Sale in Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto
    41.8M JPY
    Kamigyo-ku Motonakano-cho

    Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line Imadegawa
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    Renovated Machiya near Kyoto Imperial Palace, for GuestHouse, for Sale in Kamigyo WardRenovated Machiya near Kyoto Imperial Palace, for GuestHouse, for Sale in Kamigyo Ward
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    Renovated Kyo-Machiya with Tsuboniwa Garden, for Sale in Kamigyo WardRenovated Kyo-Machiya with Tsuboniwa Garden, for Sale in Kamigyo Ward
    33.8M JPY 3LDK
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    Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line Imadegawa
  • 会員物件Renoveted Kyo-Machiya GuestHouse in Shakenagaya-cho, Kamishichiken Hanamachi district, for Sale in Kyoto
    62.8M JPY
    Kamigyo-ku Shakenagaya-cho

    Keifuku Kitano Line Kitano-hakubaicho
  • up
    会員物件Renovated Machiya near Kitano Tenmangu Shrine, for Sale in Kamigyo, Kyoto
    49.5M JPY
    Kamigyo-ku Higashimachi

    Keifuku Kitano Line Kitano-hakubaicho
  • 会員物件Kagayacho Renovated Machiya House near Senbon and Horikawa st. for Sale in Kyoto
    49.8M JPY
    Kamigyo-ku Kagayacho

    Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line Imadegawa

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