• Price33.0M JPY
  • Type[Sell-house] Used House
  • Floorplan6K
Minami-ku, Higashi Kujo Nishiyama-cho
Building Name
Higashi Kujo Nishiyama-cho House
Kintetsu Kyoto Line / Toji / 5 min walk , Kujo / 6min walk
JR Kyoto sta / 12 min walk

Property Details

Built on1961/12 New/UsedUsed
Area 75.47m² Measurement method Core to core
Balcony -m² Facing South
Building Floors 2 floors above ground  Unit Floor 1-2
Unit Number -- Total Units 1 unit
Building Structure Wooden Frame
Floorplan Western Room 4.5-Jyo 1st-Floor   Western Room 5.75-Jyo 1st-Floor   Japanese Room 4.5-Jyo 1st-Floor   K 2-Jyo 1st-Floor   Japanese Room 4.5-Jyo 2nd-Floor   Japanese Room 6.0-Jyo 2nd-Floor   Western Room 6.0-Jyo 2nd-Floor          

1F: 41.01㎡ 2F: 34.46㎡
6 BedRooms + Kitchen + Balcony
Parking None Service Type General
Possession/Move-in Anytime Current Status Vacant
Land Category Residential Zoning Category 2 Residential
City Planning Urbanization Area Topography Flat
Land Area 68.92m² Measurement method From Official Record
Private Road Area 12.06m²
Set Back Yes Set Back Amount 0.85m²
Building Coverage Ratio 60% Floor Area Ratio 200%
Land Rights Ownership Approach Situation One Side
Approach Direction 1 West Approach Frontage 1 6.45m
Approach Type 1 Private Road Approach Width 1 3.74m
Neighborhood Nintendo Development Center / 11 min walk
Facility/Condition Rebuilding land, Gas Stove, Double Burner, Water Heater, Independent Vanity, Shower, Separated Bath-Toilet, Washing Toilet Seat, In-room Washer Space, City Gas, Public Water, Sewage Line, Bicycle Storage, Motorcycle Parkng, Balcony, Tile Flooring,
Property Number 302200605000
AIR Property Own Condition On Sale
Remarks *Non-Registered Extension available

* If there is a difference between information of this website and and the current status, the current status will have a priority.
  • 会員物件Used House in Minami Ward near Jujo sta, within walking distance to Kyoto sta, for Sale in Kyoto
    15.8M JPY
    Minami-ku Nishikujo Shimamachi

    Kintetsu Kyoto Line Jujo
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  • Building in 2015, Higashikujo Muromachi House near Kyoto Station, for Sale in Minami Ward, KyotoBuilding in 2015, Higashikujo Muromachi House near Kyoto Station, for Sale in Minami Ward, Kyoto
    50.0M JPY 2DK
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    JR Tokaido-Sanyo Main Line Kyoto
  • Renovated House in Higashikujo Nakagoryo-cho near subway Kujo sta., for Sale in Minami WardRenovated House in Higashikujo Nakagoryo-cho near subway Kujo sta., for Sale in Minami Ward
    31.5M JPY 2K
    Minami-ku Higashikujo Nakagoryo-cho

    Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line Kujo
  • 会員物件Total 4 Guest Rooms, 2-Story Guesthouse for Sale in Nishikujo Karahashi, Minami Ward
    89.8M JPY
    Minami-ku Nishikujo Karahashi-cho

    Kintetsu Kyoto Line Toji
  • 会員物件One-Story Terraced House in Higashikujo Aketa-cho, near Kamogawa-Higashi IC, for Sale in Minami Ward
    17.8M JPY
    Minami-ku Higashikujo Aketa-cho

    Kyoto Subway Karasuma Line Jyujo

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