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Posted by Contents Hawaii on 01/20/2024

Step 1: Inquiry for Valuation

  • The client contacts our company and requests a free valuation of their property.

Step 2: Initial Meeting

  • We conduct an initial meeting to understand the client’s needs and the specifics of the property.

Step 3: Property Inspection

  • We gather basic information such as location, conditions, and features of the property, and conduct an on-site inspection.

Step 4: Market Analysis

  • We analyze market data, including recent transactions in the area and current listings, to understand market conditions.

Step 5: Selection of Valuation Method

  • We select the most appropriate valuation method, considering approaches like tax-based calculations, comparative market analysis, or cost method.

Step 6: Calculation of Price

  • We calculate the marketable price of the property using the selected valuation method.

Step 7: Reporting Valuation Results

  • We report the calculated price and its rationale to the client and receive their feedback.

Step 8: Signing of Brokerage Contract

  • If the price is agreed upon, we proceed with signing a brokerage contract for the sale of the property.

Step 9: Sales Activities

  • We carry out sales activities, including handling property viewings, advertising, and negotiating with potential buyers.

Step 10: Transfer of Ownership Registration

  • After the sale is concluded, we complete the transfer of ownership registration at the local legal affairs bureau.

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