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Step 1: Request for Purchase

  • The client expresses their intention to purchase and we begin searching for properties that meet their needs and budget.

Step 2: Selection of Properties

  • We provide information on properties selected based on the client’s requirements, offering options for consideration.

Step 3: Arranging Viewings

  • We arrange viewings for the properties the client is interested in to see them in person.

Step 4: Expression of Purchase Intention

  • After viewing, if the client is satisfied with a property, they express their intention to proceed with the purchase.

Step 5: Application and Initial Contract

  • The client submits a purchase application and enters into a preliminary contract with the seller.

Step 6: Financing Arrangements

  • If financing is required for the purchase, arrangements are made with financial institutions.

Step 7: Signing the Official Contract

  • The purchase contract is signed, finalizing the payment terms, handover date, and other details.

Step 8: Completion of Legal Procedures

  • Prepare all necessary documents and complete the legal procedures related to the purchase.

Step 9: Settlement and Handover of Property

  • On the settlement date, pay the remaining balance and receive the keys to the property.

Step 10: Transfer of Ownership Registration

  • Register the transfer of ownership at the local legal affairs bureau, officially becoming the property owner.

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    Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto


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