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Process of Vacation Home Management

Process of Vacation Home Management

How do you want to manage your vacation home safely in Japan? We support management of vacation home in Kyoto as local neighbor for you.
Here are how the process and management will be.

Works for Owners

1) Substitution of payment of water utility fee, other incidental equipment usage fee, etc.
2) Substitution of payment of fixed asset tax and real estate acquisition tax, etc.
3) Substitution of payment of Maintenance fee, Repair fund, and others related payment to own condominium apartment.
4) Substitution of payment of Security Maintenance Agreement.
5) Substitution of payment of garden tree pruning management.
6) Substitution of payment of administrator dispatch.
7) Substitution of payment of fire insurance.
8) Emergency notification.
9) Submission of report.
10) Confirmation, storage, disposal of mail items.

Management fee will be estimated by each times, include consideration of location, size and types of property, basic and additional works as requested.

a. BASIC service : 5,000 yen / month
– Submit monthly report, works of 1 ) ~ 8 )

b. Additional option 1 : 3,000 yen / month
– Checking mail box, ventilate, water conduction and watering plants. (once a month, 30 minutes work on site)

c. Additional option 2 : 3,000 yen ~ / each times
– House cleaning

We can add extra works by request from owner, may arrange customize for each property. If you have any question for services or request of estimation for your property management, please send us inquiry from below form.

  • We ask owner to deposit 6 months to 1 year costs in advance.
  • Consumption tax will be added to each payment.
  • Tax will increase to 10% from October 2019 from current 8% consumption tax.

Please send us inquiry for more details about Vacation Home Management.


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