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Process of Real Estate Leasing

Step 1 Tenant’s Property Criteria Prospective Foreign Tenant The tenant’s criteria (e.g. location, budget, etc.) for property Search.
Step 2 Potential Properties Property Management Company or Broker A list of properties that satisfy the tenant’s criteria.
Step 3 Property Viewing Prospective Foreign Tenant Property visit with or without a property manger/real estate agent.
Step 4 Written Application Prospective Foreign Tenant Filling out an application form to rent the property. The tenant is asked to find a guarantor (individual of guaranty firm.)
Step 5 Tenant Qualification Review Property Management Company or Broker Review of the tenant and guarantor’s immigration status and financial capacity.
Step 6 Disclosure Statement Property Management Company or Broker Preparation of a disclosure statement in accordance with the law.
Step 7 Contract Prospective Foreign Tenant Closing of the contract. Closing costs include the security deposit, key money, agent fees, fire insurance and first mont rent 9no stamp duty levied).
Step 8 Possession Landlord and Foreign Tenant The landlord to deliver possession of the leased premises to the tenant after the payment of the closing costs.
Step 9 Moving-in Foreign Tenant

    497 Kyogoku-cho,
    Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto


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