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Free photoshoot

Step 1: Sale Consultation

  • Foreign property owners contact our company to discuss the sale of their real estate.

Step 2: Meeting with the Real Estate Agency

  • We assess the property’s condition and propose services that meet the client’s needs.

Step 3: Signing the Brokerage Contract

  • Sign the brokerage contract for the sale, establishing the legal procedures.

Step 4: Explanation of the Photography Service

  • Explain the content and benefits of the free photography service offered.

Step 5: Scheduling the Photography Session

  • Coordinate with the client to determine the best date and time for the photography session.

Step 6: Professional Photography

  • Take photos of the property’s exterior, interior, facilities, and garden. Both flat and 3D photography using a 360° camera are available.

Step 7: Photo Editing and Selection

  • Professionally edit the taken photos and select the best ones for the website presentation.

Step 8: Combining Photos with Property Descriptions

  • Combine the selected photos with detailed descriptions of the property to create attractive content.

Step 9: Publishing on the Website

  • Publish the created content on the website, showcasing the property attractively to potential buyers.

Step 10: Feedback and Adjustments

  • Monitor the website’s response and improve the photos or content as necessary.

    497 Kyogoku-cho,
    Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto


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