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”Juyojiko Setsumeisho” (Important Points Explanation)

Posted by Ken Hayashi on 04/23/2024

”Juyo Jiko Setsumeisho” (Important Points Explanation)

What is “Juyo Jiko Setsumeisho” (Important Points Explanation)?
It is a  real-estate-contract disclosure statement that contains important clauses and essential factors regarding the property, the conditions of the transactions, and the rights of a buyer or a renter. The contents of the statement is to be explained in person upon conclusion of the contract. The purpose of “Juyo Jiko Setsumeisho” is to protect the rights of a buyer or a renter and to prevent future disputes and/or trouble among the parties concerned.

The disclosure statement “Juyo Jiko Setsumeisho” contains the following:

I. Matters directly related to the residential land or building

  1. Matters described in the registration record
  2. Outline of restrictions based on the City Planning Law, Building Standards Law, and other laws and regulations
  3. Matters concerning private road contribution
  4. Conditions of drinking water, electricity, and gas supply facilities and drainage facilities
  5. Shape, structure, etc. at the time of completion of the construction of housing lots or buildings (in the case of an unfinished property)
  6. Whether or not the building or the land is located in a disaster-prone developed residential area
  7. Whether or not the building is located in a landslide disaster prevention zone
  8. Details of asbestos testing
  9. Details of seismic diagnosis
  10. In the case of a new house evaluated for housing performance:
    Whether or not a housing performance evaluation certificate has been issued
II. Matters related to the terms and conditions of the transaction

  1. Amounts received and paid other than the property price and difference arising from the exchange of the property
  2. Matters concerning the cancellation of contracts
  3. Matters concerning the compensation for damages or penalties
  4. Outline of measures to secure deposits, etc. (when the real estate agency is the seller)
  5. Loan mediation
  6. Outline of measures to be taken with regard to warranty against defects
  7. Matters regarding installment payments
III. Others:
1.  Matters concerning an official depository
*Others matters that may significantly affect the interests of the parties involved will also be described and explained.
In the case of building that is subject to unit ownership (condominium buildings, apartments, etc.), the following are included:
Rights related to the building and land and matters related to the management and use of the building and land

  1. The types and details of the rights to the land
  2. Provisions regarding common areas
  3. Provisions regarding  the use of exclusive areas and other restrictions on use, etc.
  4. Provisions regarding the rights to exclusive use, etc.
  5. Exceptional provisions, such as the provision to reduce or exempt one from expenses to be borne by the owner under special circumstances.
  6. Matters related to the reserve for planned repairs, etc.
  7. General management costs
  8. Management company
  9. Records of the status of building maintenance and repair
  10. Others

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