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Posted by Contents Hawaii on 01/20/2024

Step 1: Contract with a Real Estate Agency

  • Select a real estate agency specializing in foreign clients and sign a sales representation contract. The agency will perform a market analysis and set the property price.

Step 2: Providing Property Information and Appraisal

  • Provide detailed information about your property to the agency and have it appraised by professionals.

Step 3: Sales Plan Development

  • Develop a sales plan, determining the property price, advertising strategy, and sales duration.

Step 4: Advertising the Property

  • Advertise the property on online platforms, newspapers, and magazines, targeting potential buyers.

Step 5: Arranging Viewings

  • Arrange viewings of the property for interested potential buyers.

Step 6: Receiving Purchase Offers and Negotiating

  • Receive offers from prospective buyers and negotiate terms and price.

Step 7: Signing the Sales Contract

  • Once the terms are agreed upon, sign the formal sales contract.

Step 8: Legal Procedures and Document Preparation

  • Prepare all necessary documents for the sale, in compliance with legal requirements.

Step 9: Settlement and Receipt of Payment

  • On the settlement date, receive the payment for the sale and hand over the keys and property.

Step 10: Transfer of Ownership

  • Complete the transfer of ownership registration at the local legal affairs bureau, finalizing the sale process.

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